Change over to Writers Tax

There are some exciting changes that are taking place…. 

For a long time I’ve dealt almost exclusively with writers. We’ve decided the time is now right to set up a new chartered accountancy practice called Writers Tax which will focus on just providing advice to writers (and a few non writers I’ve dealt with for years).  I’m the main director of the new company and Jonathan is also a director while still continuing his current role at Jonathan Ford & Co. 

The clients I currently look after at Jonathan Ford & Co will be transferred with me to the new practice with effect from 1 July 2020. 

My contact details will change to: 


Direct dial: 0151 316 0277 

Mobile: unchanged 

Postal address: 31 View Road, Rainhill, Merseyside, L35 0LF 

After 1 July please only use these details to contact me.  I will be the only contact for the moment.   

I will do as much as I can behind the scenes to make the switchover as seamless as possible. There are however a few things that I will need you to do: 

  1. I’ll be sending over a new engagement agreement and proposal so the paperwork between us is updated to the correct firm. Fees and the terms will be unchanged. 
  2. I will need you to set up a new direct debit – it would be really helpful if you could follow this link and set up the new mandate. Don’t worry you won’t be invoiced by both companies at the same time as I’ll cancel the old mandate as soon as the new one is active.  
  3. I will be transferring over the HMRC agency to Writers Tax. As part of this process you’ll get sent some codes through the post from HMRC. Please let me have those when they arrive. You’ll get a different code for every tax so don’t be surprised to get more than one. I’ll need them all. 

There are a few other things to be aware of: 

  1. If you use Xero then nothing will change and I will just take over the subscription. 
  2. If you use Receiptbank then nothing will change. 
  3. I’ll be using the same client portal (Senta) but it will be a new account.  In order to access the new account you will need to set up a new password.  I’ll send a separate email to you about how to do this. 
  4. If you use Jonathan Ford & Co as your registered office/service address this will change to the address above. 
  5. For the moment payroll services will continue to be provided by the team at Jonathan Ford & Co.  This will avoid disruption at a time when some are claiming for furlough grants.  To keep the invoicing side of things simple you’ll just receive an invoice from me and I will pay Jonathan Ford & Co.