Looking for a London accountant for an author?

Looking for a London accouutant?

A London accountant for an author seems an obvious choice.  Especially if you live in London! But there are a number of advantages if you look further afield.

London accountants for authors can be expensive

Higher overheads and higher staff costs can mean the fees London accountants charge can often be more expensive than accountancy practices based in other parts of the country. 

Paying a little more for accountancy services is a good thing if you’re paying for expert advice but if it’s just being spent on swanky offices then it might not be getting you the best value for your money.

Technology breaks down barriers of distance

One thing that 2020 taught us is that business can keep going without face to face meetings.  At Writers Tax we’ve been using technology to serve our clients across the UK for many years. We use the following apps to help keep things ticking along.

Zoom and Teams Video Calls – we’re guessing you probably know what Zoom is…

Loom – This clever app allows us to record a short video of our screen.  It’s perfect for talking you through something quickly.

Calendly – We love being organized.  Calendly allows you to book a meeting directly into our diaries so that you can speak to us as a time that suits us both.  It means we don’t call you when you’re getting the shopping in and when you call us we’ve done all the preparation we neem for the call.

Senta – This is our client portal. We use it for sending you important stuff that is too confidential for bog standard email.  It also means you can approve things online so nobody has to troop back and forth to the postbox.

Xero – our cloud bookkeeping software of choice means we can all access the same information, at the same time.

Dext – for our bookkeeping clients there’s no need to drop paperwork off at our office.  Just take a picture on your phone using the special app and leave the rest to us.

Remote meetings are environmentally friendly

Meeting with us remotely helps save the Planet.  We generate far less carbon emissions with a 30 minute video call than we would with a face to face meeting.

Remote meetings saves you time

A 30 minute virtual meeting takes exactly that amount of time.  There’s no driving across town, parking your car and walking to our office (in the rain).

What to know more?

At Writers Tax we help clients all over the UK with expert tax advice for authors. 

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